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Under US law a business bank account can only be opened in person at a bank branch in the USA by a company representative / officer.  Any offers or companies who claim otherwise  are misleading – opening an account for your LLC or C-corp any other way could lead to serious legal and financial problems down the road! Not the best way to start your foray into the world’s best market!

We’ve got you covered though! We’re experienced in opening business bank accounts for foreign companies. We work directly with the banks on getting all the paperwork and appropriate compliance approvals already in place so all you need to do is come to the bank branch, meet your account manager, and sign all the necessary documents – voila!

We’ve done this many times, and can assure your account will be ready to use and not run into unseen snags down the road. Each of the banks in the US has specific and sometimes quite strange requirements when setting up a corporate bank account in the US for a shareholder from Europe.


  • We prepare your paperwork to meet bank criteria, and go through the iterative process with the bank of making sure all paperwork is done right and approved by the bank compliance control department.
  • We help you obtain an ITIN, necessary to open an account.
  • We work directly with the bank to adjust your company’s paperwork and get it approved with the bank before you arrive. You walk into the branch and walk out with 100% confidence in your new account.

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To open a business in any state in the US, you will be required to have a registered agent, and list your registered agent's address in your company filing.

We will take care of official mail and correspondence for you in the US, so you won’t miss any important notifications.

official mail and correspondence

The registered agent is a person who is available at a US address to receive official mail and notices for you. This way someone will always be available to receive – and sign off on - important tax notices, court summons, notices of lawsuits against you, and other time-sensitive official correspondence.

Your Registered Agent address – which may be the same or different from your “office” address (either physical or virtual) - is used by US tax authorities and courts to send official communications and notices – if your registered agent isn’t paying attention you could miss something important – don’t take chances with unresponsive agents!

We hear from many customers about unfortunate practices by some of the registered agents that market directly to foreign customers – late notices, late fees, unfair charges! Before using a registered agent, check them on the BBB . (make sure to check reviews).


Maintaining an office address – and not just a registered agent address – can help if you need to receive other official correspondence, provide customers and partners with a US-based mailing address, or simply want the prestige, convenience, or peace of mind that comes with having a American address close to your customers and partners. However, renting a physical space an be quite impractical if you only have occasional need – or if you just want the image boost of listing a US address!

Having your own virtual office is an increasingly popular tool for foreign owners with companies in the United States. This gives you many of the functions and advantages of having your own office space without having to find, rent, and maintain a separate office or building. You will be able to receive mail, correspondence, calls, and notices at a US address, greatly simplifying your workflow and saving on postage and mailing times!

A US-based address gives your customers and partners peace of mind and reassurance that they have a reliable and firm way for sending official correspondence.

We can even arrange phone-answering and secretarial services.

All mail and documents you receive will be scanned and saved and sent to you so you can respond quickly to customers, partners, and notices.

Make it easier to have a presence and competitive advantage in the US with a virtual office. We’ll be happy to share options with you – contact us today to learn more!


If your LLC or C-Corp wants to do business in the United States (and not just be a pretty placeholder address), you’ll need to obtain an EIN - Employee Identification Number.

Obtaining an EIN can be a complicated process as it is, but is especially difficult if you are based outside of the United States. 

Some business filing companies that focus on foreigners skip this crucial step. We've seen it enough times to know (which is why all our packages already include an EIN!).

Fortunately, if you still need an EIN for your business, we can work on your behalf as a Third Party Designee. It’s simple – we provide you with form SS-4, and you designate us as your “Third Party Designee.” We can then get your application to the United States Internal Revenue Service and you’ll avoid any potential errors and have your EIN within just 1 week.


If you’ve launched a startup in the past or are in the process of launching one now, you are probably aware of the huge amount of document drafting (and tweaking) involved -  documents for lawyers, registrars, potential investors, donors, and your business partners.

This glut of documents becomes an even greater burden and time-sink when you need to have them written (and perfected!) in Ukrainian or Russian AND English, and drafted for different audiences and legal systems.

We can help simplify your life and get your new or expanding business far ahead of the curve by drafting documents for both Ukraine and the United States. A lawyer prepares the documents and a native-speaker reviews them to ensure accuracy.

We can prepare, draft, and review:
  • Shareholder’s Agreements  
  • White Papers
  • Letters of Intent
  • Prospectuses
  • First Action by Board of Directors
  • Term Sheets
  • SPA (Stock Purchase Agreement)