Export & Sell in the US

Export & Sell in the US

English-Language Digital Marketing

Having the right marketing strategy and materials adapted to US consumer demand and habits will give your product and brand the competitive edge it needs to stand out.

Our US-based marketing team will adapt or custom create marketing, communications, and branding to have maximum impact.

  • Translation and Localization of marketing materials, websites, communications
  • English marketing via emails, social media posts, copywriting, and blog content
  • Voiceovers / Subtitling for Videos
  • Market consultation

We have successfully helped our clients tweak their marketing materials, websites, product brochures, and content for English-speaking markets, so that marketing, ads and content resonate and have the right impact on the target audience.

Why Adapt Your Marketing Materials
 and Strategy for the US?

What sounds good and works in Russian or Ukrainian can sound strange in English. Take for example the product “смарт браслет” – if you marketed this in English as “Smart Bracelet” you would be disappointed to find that your customers wouldn’t find you – they’re looking for a Fitness Tracker!

We can localize all your communications and advertising – from videos to brochures – to have the right impact for English-speaking customers.

Product Certification and Testing

Make sure your products meet US requirements!

We offer:

  • Consulting on US Law and Regulations 
  • Testing and certification of products for sale in the US

We’ll help you understand the types of regulations and restrictions that apply to your product, and help you obtain the necessary approvals and certification.

We work with laboratories across the globe to get the tests you need.


The world is going online. This is increasingly true of sales, whether you produce high-tech gadgets, clothing, or even food items.

We have extensive experience helping Ukrainian companies sell their products on sites like Amazon, Ebay and even Etsy. We work with you on everything from advice on proper product strategy, getting your account up and running, to helping your properly list and promote your product.

Having an account on any online platform and selling the US of course requires having at least an LLC. For customers who want to do everything on one step, we can get you an all-in-one package that will have you selling today. Contact us to find out how!

Our team has extensive experience in helping companies sell effectively on Amazon, whether you want to use our end-to-end online sales services or just have us help get you set up and running!

More and more customers and producers look to Amazon as the marketplace of choice. Americans in particular do much of their shopping on Amazon – nearly two thirds in fact are using the platform. More than 40% say they buy something on Amazon monthly. With recent global events, this trend is accelerating and more people than ever are buying online.

If you want to export a product to the US, Amazon could be the perfect solution for you. It’s an all-in-one tool, giving you web presence, handling logistics, stocking and warehousing, distribution, and customer relations. Not to mention, but the tools available on Amazon allow you to track sales and inventory, launch cheap and effective advertising campaign, and monitor demand – all in one convenient place.

Selling on Amazon is easy, and you can get up and running and start seeing sales today! Our Amazon service  includes:

  • Seller Account setup
  • Creation of your first 3 product listings with images, accurate descriptions and pricing
  • Launch of your first sales campaign
  • Custom English-language templates for customer communications (thank you emails, requests for feedback, etc. )

Export Consulting and Support

Exporting to the US requires an effective business plan covering everything from the right exporter, warehousing options, to customs issues. We advise clients on all the steps involved in exporting. Whether you need help or advice on product testing and certifications, licensing, and documents to ensure a smooth landing in the US, to logistics options and sales channels to deliver optimal value to your customers, we have you covered.

  • Consulting on required forms and paperwork for US customs
  • Filing of forms and paperwork
  • Communication with US Customs regarding your export

Translation and Localization

Your online presence, marketing messaging, and all product related texts are serious sales instruments that need to be fine-tuned and adapted to the US market. Whether online content, manuals, or packaging, we go beyond simple translation to adapt your text to help your brand speak effectively to your customers. Use our customized marketing translation and website localization services to spark interest, build loyalty, and drive customer conversions!

  • Getting the right tone, register, and vocabulary that English-speaking audiences response to.
  • Choosing cultural references, jokes, symbols and ideas that English-speaking audiences recognize
  • Overhauling your slogan or logo to resonate and engage English-speaking audiences
  • Making sure your website text is impactful and drives sales, while also selecting the right target words and tags to help your ranking in search systems.
  • Trans creating / rebranding your marketing strategy fundamentally from the ground up, to have a unique country-specific / language-specific strategy independent of your Ukrainian/CIS marketing campaigns.



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