Registered Agent

Sometimes called an “agent for service of process, the registered agent is the person who is responsible for receiving official government notices (including tax forms and filing notices) and judicial documents on behalf of your company. Foreign companies are required by state law to have a registered agent in the United States at a minimum (in addition to your company’s office address). This ensures someone will be available to receive and handle all important notices and correspondence, including time-sensitive documents that are crucial to your company’s good standing!

Registered Office

This is the address where your company’s registered agent [link] will receive official correspondence for your company. It does not have to be the same as your company’s “office” address.

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company is the most simplest form of business incorporation in the United States. It is “limited liability” because the owners, or “Members” of the LLC are treated as separate from the Company – i.e., the Members are not personally responsible for any legal action against the company, nor for the company’s business debts.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Also known Federal Tax Identification Number, is a sort of Tax Identification Code assigned by the United States Internal Revenue Service to companies (whether or not they have employees), as it is used to identify businesses. Although having an EIN is a good idea – and you cannot open a bank account without one - not all businesses are required to have one. Get in touch with [a link, live chat] to find out if it applies in your case.

Operating Agreement

This is a separate, official contract, similar to установчий договір, between the LLC members that describes how the company will operate and be ma. It describes such things as members’ ownership shares, duties, and rights, powers to open bank accounts, leave the company, get loans, etc. In short, an Operating Agreement outlines how the LLC will go about its affairs, manage its finances, and make decisions. See an example here [we’ll give a link, what do you think?]

Annual Report

These are annual filings, separate from taxes, that LLCs are required to file with the Department of State in the State where they are registered. We can handle this for you!

Articles of Organisation

These are similar to the Ukrainian “Статут,” but are much less involved. They are the first documents filed to create your LLC. They are similar to Articles of Incorporation for a C/S-Corp.

Tax Identification Number

Tax Identification Numbers for LLC are referred to as an EIN (Employer Identification Number) - even if you don't have employees. This is just the term used by the IRS.


Every person holding an interest in the LLC – in other words, the LLC’s owners - is referred to as a Member.