Open a US Business, simply

Open a US Business, simply

If you’re planning to enter the US market, a knowledgeable partner is a must.

We don't leave anything out - EIN and Registered Agent Services are standard in all our packages!

Whether you’re looking to raise capital and find investors, maximize liability protection, access business tools available only to US businesses, or just test the US market out, we make it easy to launch your business with everything it needs to succeed.

As the fasted growing, most stable and trusted market, having your company in the United States will give you huge advantage and access to a diverse and demanding market of consumers with major buying power. 

We not only register and launch companies, but offer our clients a range of market entry, advertising, tax and accounting, and e-commerce services to help their businesses grow and thrive.

We Offer:

  • Easy Start-Up Packages for LLC and C-Corps for Foreign Owners  
  • Market Entry Services
  • Document Drafting and Review
  • Help with Online Sales Platforms
  • Document and Tax Filings in the US
  • Employee Identification Numbers (Tax IDs for Ukrainians)
  • Business, Tax, and Accounting Support
  • Help Opening a US Bank Account

How do I open a US Company as a Non-Resident?

The US allows foreign individuals, corporations and limited liability companies (TOVs for Ukrainian entities) to form, own and manage US companies - both LLCs and C-Corps (US law does not allow foreign ownership of S-corps).

A foreigner can incorporate a company in the United States without living in the country, and run the business from overseas, but there are certain special extra steps you’ll need to follow.

One common hurdle for a non-resident is obtaining a US Employer Identification Code (EIN) – also known as a Federal Tax ID Number.  This is a number that the US government uses to identify your company for tax purposes, whether or not you or your company actually have employees. It is similar to what is called a podatkovyi identifakitsiynyi kod in Ukraine. While it is easier for a US citizen to obtain an EIN, foreigners are both required and able to obtain an EIN for their business. Our company formation packages all include EINs standard!

LLC formation

Opening an LLC in the US can take your business to unmatched heights, whether you’re just launching your startup or have an established based and want to expand to the world's number one market.

LLC formation

A US LLC is a top choice for foreign entrepreneurs due to the simplicity of setting it up and maintaining it, low costs, flexibility, and easy taxation rules which can benefit Ukrainians.

The USA and its business-friendly environment and stability make it an attractive place to have your company based and associated with.  You’ll benefit from legal protection, favorable tax regimes, privacy laws, ease and simplicity of running your company.

Not to mention the cachet and prestige that comes with having an American LLC – this is a signal to your potential customers and partners that you are a company of repute and good standing, and a reliable partner.

LLC Advantages:

  • Limited Liability – you as owner are not financially responsible for the company’s liabilities, debts, or claims.
  • Simplicity – an LLC can have a single owner and a very simple structure – no shareholders, officers, boards, etc. No need to keep meeting minutes or file as many taxes!
  • Tax advantages for Ukrainians - an LLC does not pay taxes: it’s members/owners pay their own individual taxes. If you have a favorable tax setup in Ukraine (which we can help you with!) you will pay far less taxes than an American LLC owner would pay.
  • Flexibility – you can create, convert, and close your LLC very easily. And if you’re the sole member, there’s no need for a board resolution or incorporator action to do any of these things.  If you open an LLC today you can always later transform it into a C-Corp. And if you decide to close, you won’t have to worry about creditor committees, trustees, and other corporation-specific procedures.
  • Cost - If you’re looking to save on business costs, an LLC can be ideal for you. You won’t pay as much taxes, annual fees, or business maintenance costs for an LLC as you would for a C corp.

We Make it Simple

We will handle all LLC filings and taxes for your company so you can focus on growing your business.

There are many benefits to an LLC in the US, but keeping it in good standing requires a professional familiar with both Ukrainian and US filing and tax requirements. Our international team includes specialists in both, so you’ll get the best advice on both sides of the ocean.



C Corporations have become a popular choice for foreign startup companies looking toward future growth and investment.

Leave the formation headache to us, so you can focus on your business’s success.

C-Corp Advantages:

  • Preferred by Investors: Most investors want to be able to own a share of companies they invest in. Shares in C-corps can be freely traded and sold, allowing your company to attract potential investors and raise capital.
  • Growth-oriented: Since it’s easier to raise capital and seek bank and other financing, your C-Corporation will be ready for growth in the future.
  • Reputation: A US corporation is a gold standard for companies. A C-corp carries a cache of a serious business structure reserved for the most ambitious, market-leading companies. It signals that you expect serious value from your business, which makes its shares attractive to investors.
  • Stability – a C-corp will survive its original owners as it exists as its own, separate entity.

What we offer:
  • We handle all the steps so it gets done right the first time. Our experienced international team will guide you through each step and explain what you need to do.  involved e provide answers and guidance to explain your options. Each order is carefully reviewed for errors and we warranty our services against filing defects.
  • We make starting a C Corporation easy. Our simple ordering process (online or by phone) makes incorporating your business fast, easy, and understandable. Start a C Corp online now.
  • No Hidden Costs. We don’t have any hidden fees. The price you see covers the complete formation process – at the end you have a fully functional and ready-to-go C Corporation!
  • Business Support Services: Our services don’t stop at starting your company. We can help you optimize your taxes, consult on share issue options, and help you find the right tax professional/CPA for your ongoing business needs.